Top hat furnace, ceramic fibre insulation (HB)



The Hood furnace type HB with ceramics fibre insulation is offered in two sizes for all types of heat treatment processes up to 1300°C, 1600°C, 1700°C or 1800°C.

The hood of the furnace is lifted to provide full access to the specimen zone at table-top level. Optimum furnace loads and good accessibility are requisite to ensure economic processing in small series production or R&D.

Heat up to 1300°C is supplied by CrFeAl heating wires on the side walls and in the base plate. They provide a uniform temperature distribution which can be optimally adapted to different process requirements.

The versions up to 1600°C, 1700°C or 1800°C are equipped with MoSi2 heating elements hanging along the side walls. The use of high-quality multilayer insulation material ensures perfect temperature distribution.

Příklady aplikací

keramické vstřikování plastů, odplyňování, odstraňování pojiva, odstraňování pojiva na vzduchu, spékání, spékání ve vzduchu, sušení, sublimace, syntéza, temperování, žíhání

Standardní výbava

  • Sintering up to 1800 °C in air
  • Debinding in air with the debinding package
  • High performance ceramic fibre insulation
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • High sample accessibility, hood design
  • Data recording option

Technické údaje

View inside of the HB Hood Furnace
  1. heating elements
  2. ceramic fibre insulation
  3. bottom plate in 750 mm height
  4. automatic moving hood
  5. location of the rotameter
  6. bottom heater only for CrFeAl heating elements

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